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Developing inclusive credit scoring

  In recent years the disconnect between traditional credit scoring models and many and growing numbers of financial lives has triggered a rapidly emergent investigation of both  he developments required of existing current credit scoring models and the search for new approaches. Taken forward by existing credit reference agencies and new entrants, these approaches are being driven by the […]

The issues of ‘unscoreables, invisibles and thin files credit score

  Existing models of credit scoring are, then, exclusionary, creating ‘invisibles’, ‘unscoreables’ and ‘thin file’ rated individuals. Indeed, this is being shown as anincreasing problem as ‘millennial ’  lifestyles almost ‘sidestep’ credit scoring models developed on lifestyles, financial systems and payment flows from a different are.   Life histories and lifestyle today: This refers to a number […]

What is Pension Credit?

Pension Credit is a tax-free income-related benefit for those who have reached the minimum qualifying age and live in Great Britain (GB). Pension Credit is paid for out of taxation. Your customer does not need to have paid National Insurance contributions to be eligible. The Pension Credit qualifying age is gradually going up to 66 […]

10 Step Credit Repair Guide

The process of clearing credit can be laborious and frustrating, but your efforts will be paid for in better financing. Your rights are protected by laws, but you need to take reasonable actions toward your goal of clearing credit discrepancies. You can get the credit reporting agencies to help you instead of hindering your excellent […]

How can I improve my credit score?

To find out steps you can take to improve your credit score, read the Federal Reserve’s 5 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score (available online at Credit Report Errors Q: How can I correct errors found in my credit report? A: If you find errors in your credit report, you may dispute the information […]

Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Your credit history is important to a lot of people: mortgage lenders, banks, utility companies, prospective employers, and more. So it’s especially important that you understand your credit report, credit score, and the companies that compile that information, credit bureaus. This brochure provides answers to some of the most common, and most important, questions about […]